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Our location is convenient to Bancroft, Vernon, Durand, Perry, Morrice, Corunna, Owosso, Swartz Creek and Gaines. 

Established in 1984, our focus at the Bancroft Veterinary Clinic is on providing excellent customer service and outstanding medical treatment for your pets. 

Our staff has decades of combined experience. Each doctor, veterinary technician and key support staff member attends continuing education classes each year to keep up with the latest in medical theory and procedures. 

Along with our commitment to education comes an investment in the best equipment. Our patients are treated using state-of-the-art inhalation anesthesia, digital radiograph and ultrasound units, tonometry, dental radiographs, and ultrasonic dental equipment. We utilize pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitors to safeguard our surgery patients. We have also added Laser for surgical procedures, therapeutic laser, and a MedRx ear scope. 


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